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6 Tips To Help You Manage Anxiety & Excessive Worrying

Read 6 Tips To Manage Anxiety and Excessive Worrying and start living an abundant life - in body, mind and spirit.

6 Tips To Manage Anxiety & Excessive Worrying

Reach out and stay connected

Look at your worries in new ways

Social interaction with someone who cares about you, like friends or family, is the most effective way to calm your nervous system and diffuse anxiety. Talking face to face about your worries can make them seem less threatening.

Worrying about negative "what if" scenarios zaps your mental energy and increases feelings of anxiety. Challenge your anxiety by identifying these worrisome thoughts and accept life's uncertainties. 

Practice relaxation techniques

Learn to calm down quickly

Your body experiences physical, fight or flight responses when anxious such as tingling, shortness of breath or dizziness. Practice deep breathing, muscle relaxation or meditation to alleviate physical symptoms of anxiety.

If you feel overwhelming anxiety when alone, use your senses to relax you. Listen to soothing music, look at photos of loved ones, sip on hot tea, or go for a walk and breathe in fresh air.

Get moving

Exercise is a powerful anxiety fighter. Research shows that regular exercise relieves tension, reduces stress hormones and boosts feel-good chemicals, making the brain more resilient and less anxiety-prone and .

Adopt anxiety-busting habits

Get enough sleep, eat healthy foods, limit excessive caffeine and avoid alcohol and nicotine. A healthy, balanced lifestyle plays a big role in keeping the symptoms of anxiety at bay.

When to get professional help for anxiety.

Worries, doubts, and fears are a normal part of life. If your anxiety significantly disrupts your job, activities, or social life daily and you feel like your thoughts are out of control, consider reaching out to a professional for help.

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